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Metal Complex - DNA Interactions

Einar Sletten (Hrsg.), Nick Hadjiliadis (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Anorganische Chemie


Metal ions and metal complexes have long been recognized ascritically important components of nucleic acid chemistry, both inregulation of gene expression and as promising therapeutic agents.Understanding how metal complexes interact with DNA has become anactive research area at the interface between chemistry, molecularbiology and medicine. Metal Complex - DNA Interactions provides a comprehensiveoverview of this increasingly diverse field, presenting recentdevelopments and the latest research with particular emphasis onmetal-based drugs and metal ion toxicity. The text is divided intofour parts: * Basic Structural and Kinetic Aspects: includes chapterson sequence-selective metal binding to DNA and thermodynamicmodels. * Medical Applications: focuses on anticancer platinumdrugs, including discussions on DNA repair in antitumor effects ofplatinum drugs and photo-dynamic therapy. * DNA-Recognition - Nucleases and Sensor: describesprobes for DNA recognition, artificial restriction agents,metallo-DNAzymes for metal sensing applications and metal iondependent catalysis in nucleic acid enzymes. * Toxicological Aspects: deals with structural studies ofmercury-DNA interactions, chromium-induced DNA damage andrepair, and the effect of arsenic and nickel on DNAintegrity. This book will be a valuable resource for academic researchersand professionals from a range of pharmaceutical and chemicalindustries, particularly those involved in the development of newand less toxic anticancer metallo-drugs, and in the field ofenvironmental and toxicological chemistry.


(Angewandte Chemie International Edition,February 2010)
"An impressive overview of the great diversity of currentresearch."
(ChemistryWorld, September 2009)
"An essential part of the library for laboratories involved inbioinorganic and medicinal inorganic chemistry."
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Biochemistry (Chemical Biology), Metallkomplexe, Chemie, Zell- u. Molekularbiologie, DNS, Biochemie u. Chemische Biologie, Biowissenschaften, Anorganische Chemie, Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Cell & Molecular Biology