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Principles and Practice of Pharmacology for Anaesthetists

Norman Calvey, Norton Williams

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This fifth edition of Principles and Practice of Pharmacologyfor Anaesthetists continues to provide a comprehensivescientific basis and a readable account of the principles ofpharmacology, as well as practical guidance in the use of drugsthat is relevant to clinical anaesthesia. With these concepts in mind: * Every chapter in this new edition has been thoroughly revisedand updated * An additional chapter on Adverse Drug Reactions isincluded * For ease of reference, the structures of many commonly usedagents are featured, with their sites of isomerism, whenappropriate * Recommended International Non-proprietary Names (rINNs) aregenerally used for generic agents, although preference has beengiven to the current nomenclature for adrenaline andnoradrenaline As in previous editions, a comprehensive glossary coveringabbreviations and acronyms is included to aid the reader. Principles and Practice of Pharmacology forAnaesthetists is an invaluable resource, both forcandidates of professional examinations in anaesthesia and thepractising anaesthetist wishing to refresh their pharmacologicalknowledge.


(Doodys Reviews)
"This fifth edition ... continues to provide a comprehensive scientific basis and a readable account of the principles of pharmacology, as well as practical guidance in the use of drugs that is relevant to clinical anaesthesia. This book presents valuable insight into anesthetic pharmacology and reinforces essential concepts. It offers an excellent overview of the basic pharmacologic principles and their practical applications."



Pharmakologie u. Pharmazeutische Medizin, Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine, Medizin, Anesthesia, Anästhesie, Medical Science