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Intestinal Failure

Diagnosis, Management and Transplantation

Alan Langnas (Hrsg.), Eamonn M. M. Quigley (Hrsg.), Olivier Goulet (Hrsg.), Kelly A. Tappenden (Hrsg.)

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Intestinal failure is a challenging, emerging field that has beenthe subject of much research and debate in recent years and hasonly recently become widely accepted as a distinct clinicalsyndrome. This comprehensive book provides an in-depth review ofscientific theory and clinical practice relating to intestinalfailure with specific emphasis on assessment and management as partof a multidisciplinary team. Compiled by an internationallyrecognised editorial team, the book provides a practical how-toguide to the management of adult and pediatric patients withintestinal failure, focusing on quality-of-life issues that are atthe heart of patient care. * * World experts from centers of excellence share their clinicalexperience and expertise, offering the first ever authoritativeresource on intestinal failure * All aspects of patient management are covered, from diagnosisand medical and surgical management (including transplantation) tonutritional consideration and psychosocial aspects of care * Numerous illustrations, flow diagrams and summary boxescomplement the text and emphasize important concepts, providing anaccessible approach to this complex field This landmark book is essential reading for anygastroenterologists, surgeons, transplant teams or clinicalnutritionists involved in the care of patients with intestinalfailure.


(Doody's Reviews, March 2009)
"This is a useful, comprehensive, practical guide to modernassessment and management of complex intestinal failure cases. Thebook was compiled by experienced clinicians resulting in anauthoritative, novel resource on intestinal failure."
(New EnglandJournal of Medicine, November 2008)
"A comprehensive overview of the far-reaching effects ofloss of the gut. It is a good update on state-of-the-art treatmentof patients ... and the authors also go behind the scenes todiscuss aspects of care ... .Intestinal Failure gives insightinto recent progress in the understanding of intestinal failure,covers the most important topics that the clinician working in thisarea will face ... .Despite major improvements in the survivalof patients with severe intestinal failure, the treatment ofpatients with poor gut function remains an exciting and challengingarea of medicine, and this book enables the reader to have a goodoverview and understanding of the topic."



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