Magma Conspiracy

Alex Milway

ca. 6,46
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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Jugendbücher ab 12 Jahre


The Mythical 9th Division take on a volcano - and their old nemesis, Balaclava - in this third world-saving adventure.A strange group of workers are killed in an eruption in Antarctica whilst conducting drilling tests on the local volcano, Mt Erebus. The yetis rush to help, only to discover the remains of a machine with a logo from a company called MAGMA Corps. Something is definitely up, and the yetis roll out to NY to investigate this suspicious corporation. On the 54th floor of a massive skyscraper, amidst sizzling rivers of fire and smouldering heat, the yetis uncover a plot to erupt every volcano in the Pacific Ring of Fire and to plunge the world into a Volcanic Winter - bringing famine, darkness and incredible cold to the Earth. And who could be behind such an evil scheme? None other than Balaclava - but isn't he dead!? There is no time to stop, the yetis of the Mythical 9th Division need to do something fast before Balaclava uses his Super Bomb on a Super Volcano and the world comes to an end!