Pacific Heat

Anne Mather

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Belletristik / Historische Romane und Erzählungen


Mills & Boon are excited to present The Anne Mather Collection - the complete works by this classic author made available to download for the very first time! These books span six decades of a phenomenal writing career, and every story is available to read unedited and untouched from their original release. The revenge affair... Olivia wouldn't be able to keep her hands off the delicious Joe Castellano anyway - even if her intentions were entirely innocent! Olivia's relationship with Joe was at first motivated by revenge on the glamorous actress who seduced her ex-husband... But as the passion between them heats up under the sizzling LA sun, retribution seems to matter less and less. Soon the only thing on Olivia's mind is her all-consuming desire for Joe - and it's clear he can't stop thinking about her either...

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