Sicily on My Mind

Echoes of Fascism and World War Ii

Joseph Cione

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


The book reflects my first twenty-one years of life in Sicily, particularly from 1931 until the day of my departure in 1947. It relates briefly to my childhood, the happy years and the painful ones, spent in a kind of world that no longer exists, where people lived and shared their meager existence in joyful simplicity and in a spirit of kinship that enriched their lives. It shows some first hand details about the Fascist indoctrination of the Italian Youth, from puberty to adulthood, as well as its relentless propaganda efforts filled with distortions, brain washing subtleties and plain wishful thinking. It offers also a fresh glimpse of the war, with all its fears, deprivation, devastation and death. Finally, the book weaves throughout its contents a steady pattern of suffering, courage, inner strength and spiritual faith that characterized my mothers life: The main figure in the book.