American Soldier at 13 Yrs Old Wwii

James R. Clark

ca. 11,24
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Belletristik / Romanhafte Biographien


I was 13 years old and clearly remember World War II in 1943 and patriotism was at its' highest. Young men 18 years old and men up to 40 years old were being drafted into the military service. I was tall for my age at 13. I went to the draft board and told them I was 18, they believed me and I was drafted into the army. After 1 year of military duty, I was honorably discharged after returning home. I was inducted into the American Legion as the nation's youngest legionnaire. At the age of 17 and with the permission of my mother, I volunteered to go back into the army and I was sent to serve in Berlin in 1947. At this time in Berlin, the Russians had set up a blockade around West Berlin, trapping American, French and British Armies. When in Berlin, I was given the opportunity to guard some of the top Nazis at Spandau Prison. After my duty in Germany I served in Korea on the front line during the war. Also served in the Vietnam War and was wounded in Vietnam. After 22 years of Army service I retired.

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