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Manager's Legal Handbook,The

Lisa Guerin, Sachi Barreiro

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Manage employees effectively while avoiding legal trouble

If you supervise employees or independent contractors, The Manager’s Legal Handbook is the perfect resource.

Need information about overtime? Want useful ideas on workplace policies? Have a question about trade secrets and need the answer now? This book provides everything you need to stay within the bounds of the law, including information on:

  • hiring
  • discrimination and harassment
  • wages and hours
  • privacy
  • time off
  • drug testing, and
  • firing and layoffs.

Designed for managers, business owners, and human resources professionals who need answers on the go, The Manager’s Legal Handbook covers the most common issues employers face.

The 10th edition is completely updated to reflect changes to discrimination laws, overtime rules, minimum wage laws, and more. It also provides updated information on the laws of each state, including paid sick leave and paid family leave laws.

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