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Canoeing the Driftless

A Paddlers Guide for Southeastern Minnesota

David J. Lind

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Southeastern Minnesota is a paddlers dream. Throughout the forested bluff land terrain, called the Driftless Area, there are both easy paddling routes as well as challenging, more difficult streams all offering beautifull scenic views and a variety of wildlife. Canoeing The Driftless contains maps and descriptions for over 50 routes covering 600 miles to help you plan your paddling trip. Information such as route length, difficulty, hazards, as well as points of interest, the best put-in and take-out accesses and shuttle routes are included to help in choosing a trip to fit your needs. Also included are River Scenes which have interesting information on history along the routes as well as some personal, sometimes humorous accounts of trips on the rivers. Canoeing The Driftless is written for all levels of paddlers, from the beginner to the most experienced paddler. For the beginner to intermediate paddler there are the main routes on the Cannon, Zumbro, and Root rivers, for the more experienced paddlers the routes on the Bear, Deer, Whitewater, and smaller branches of the Root River and Zumbro River provide more challenging runs.

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