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How To Enjoy A Scandal

Adrienne Basso

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Double Deception. . .

Twins Jason and Jasper Barrington were once the wildest of scoundrels, but inheriting a title has reformed Jasper. Now it's Jason's turn to try his hand at redemption by posing as his brother to investigate improprieties at one of the family estates. What he doesn't count on is the amorous attention of every eligible young lady in York. When one of them slips into his bed, Jason finds himself face-to-face with her sister. . .and falling madly in love with her. Smart, strong, and somewhat mysterious, Gwendolyn Ellingham brings out the best in Jason--as well as his most wicked desires. . .

Equals Sweet Seduction. . .

Rumors may have ruined Gwendolyn's social standing, but she has no intention of letting her sisters fall to the same fate. With one throwing herself at Viscount Fairhurst and the other unknowingly entangled in the estate's intrigues, Gwendolyn has no choice but to stay close to Jason and try to distract him from the truth. As sober and thoughtful as the gentleman appears, Gwendolyn senses a fire that blazes hotter whenever they're together--a fire that ignites her own longings in ways she never imagined. Jason is the one man who could tempt her to earn her scandalous reputation. . .and make her surrender to an all-consuming passion. . .

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