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Magnolia Nights

Martha Hix

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur



Emma Oliver would do anything to protect her family from that lying scoundrel, Lieutenant Paul Rousseau. She had even gone to his hotel room to plead with him to leave her family alone, and had offered the handsome blackguard money. But all he would accept was one night with her -- in his bed. Outraged by his ridiculous demand, she had staunchly refused, damning him as a rake, even though the dashing sailor's touch inflamed her, made her traitorous body ache for his caress, and her heart beg for his love...


Oliver! The very name set his blood boiling. He had waited so long to wreak his revenge on that murderous family, and now the opportunity presented itself in the curvaceous form of the beautiful Emma Oliver. He would woo the tantalizing blonde with kisses that would leave her breathless, embraces that would make her lush body quiver with ecstasy, and shower the green-eyed beauty with promises of love that would bind her to him through the hot, steamy Magnolia Nights.

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