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Three Nights with the Princess

Betina Krahn

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


From New York Times bestselling author Betina Krahn comes a tale of passion, adventure, and a most regal romance . . .
Fiercely independent, and wholly devoted to her subjects, Crown Princess Thera of Mercia must marry before she can become Queen. But the beauty’s reluctance to choose a husband has plunged her into peril far from home—and into the arms of a handsome rescuer.
Powerful, hot-blooded mercenary Saxxe Rouen has better things to do than fight a crowd of drunken brutes. After all, there is little profit in saving a demoiselle in distress—or is there? His valor should be repaid, if not in silver, then in another kind of reward: Lovely, fiery Thera will spend one night in his bed. 
Once safe, Thera didn’t expect to face yet another danger—her attraction to the beguilingly charming warrior. But as a battle of wits ensues, one night may lead to three. And a proud princess may discover the pleasure of surrendering her heart—while Saxxe may find the kingdom, and the love, he was truly meant to win . . .

Previously titled  The Princess and the Barbarian
Praise for Betina Krahn’s previous novels
“Daisy's free spirit is contagious. . . . Krahn returns to historical romance with a barn burner of a love story.” —Kirkus Reviews
“Krahn has a delightful, smart touch.” —Publishers Weekly
“Smart, romantic . . . sure to delight readers.”  —Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“Betina Krahn is a treasure.” —BookPage



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