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Their Perfect Melody

A Heartwarming Multicultural Romance

Priscilla Oliveras

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From the USA Today bestselling author of Island Affair comes the story of three dazzling sisters brimming with talent, ambition—and passion—in a warm-hearted, sexy new series filled with Latinx culture, family drama, and women pursuing their dreams against all odds.  Fans of The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa, Well Met by Jen DeLuca, and You Had Me At Hola by Alexis Daria.
Growing up,  Lilí María Fernandez was affectionately known as the family “wild child.” The life of the party, she loved to dance, especially salsa, merengue, and bachata, and often sang beside her father during rehearsals for his trío group. But tragedy and loss have drawn out Lilí’s caretaking side, compelling her to become a victim’s advocate. These days, the special rhythms of the past seem like a distant memory. Until she meets Diego Reyes . . .
A police officer with the Chicago PD, Diego also has a talent for playing classical Spanish guitar. And Lilí soon finds herself inspired by his passion—for the music, for her, and for their shared love of  familia and community. Can Diego reignite Lilí’s fun-loving spirit, persuade her to balance work and pleasure—and embrace her wild side once more?

“Oliveras’s tangled, topical conflicts between multidimensional characters blend with lovingly portrayed family life and an intricate, realistic plot, enmeshing the reader in her created world.”
—Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

“Lili, who teaches self-defense and helps women in danger, is an appealing and uniquely powerful heroine, and Diego’s arc is also well crafted by rising star Oliveras, and the chemistry between him and Lili burns through the pages. Readers will love the loving but interfering family scenes. . . . Fans of Samantha Chase’s Shaughnessy series will also enjoy Oliveras' Matched to Perfection novels.”

“Oliveras tackles domestic violence and substance use disorder with nuance and empathy. . . . A rich romance between two very different Chicagoans of Puerto Rican descent whose clashes over social justice are less important than their love of music, family, and each other.”
—Kirkus Reviews

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