The Highlander's Kilted Bride

Vanessa Kelly

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


The irresistible Kendrick clan returns in the latest Scottish-set historical romance from the USA Today bestselling author—a witty, sensuous and adventure-filled romp that will delight Regency fans and readers of Sabrina Jeffries and Victoria Alexander.
Charlotte “Charlie” Stewart would rather don a kilt and ride her horse than simper in a ballroom. But with her younger sister about to be wed, she can’t escape the pressure to be next. A husband has been chosen, and Charlie’s fate seems set. Until an afternoon gallop sends her horse colliding with Kade Kendrick, the broad-shouldered Highlander who was once her childhood pal . . .
As a youth, Kade felt overshadowed by his older siblings. Now he’s a renowned musician whose fame provides cover for his other work—as a spy. Home from his latest mission, he’s annoyed to be roped into attending the wedding of a family friend—until it reunites him with the fearless tomboy who has become a breathtaking beauty. And though his thoughts should be on a new concerto, Kade is soon distracted by rival suitors, a dangerous quest—and the unconventional woman who fills his soul with music and his body with desire . . .
Praise for The Highlander’s English Bride

“A thoroughly satisfying happy ending.” Publishers Weekly

“A whirlwind of fun with the lightness of cotton candy. . . . There are few better choices than this bubbly romance that delivers a heartwarming happily ever after.”

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