The Wild Lavender Bookshop

Jodi Thomas

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


From beloved New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas, a slow burn romance that’s the epitome of comfort reading. Perfect for fans of Robyn Carr and Susan Mallery!

Return to the unforgettable world of Someday Valley, Texas, in this tender, uplifting novel of hearts in search of second chances.

The trees that circle Someday Valley’s downtown of Honey Creek are dressed in their fall finest, providing a pretty backdrop for the local businesses—including the little bookshop loved by schoolteacher Cora Lee Buchanan. There in the cafe, under the watchful eye of owner Noah O’Brien, Cora Lee and her sister, Katherine, meet each Wednesday. Their talk mostly revolves around one subject: their father, known to everyone in town as Bear.

Both Cora Lee and Katherine believe it’s time Bear found love again, and they’re compiling a list of prospects in a secret notebook. They’ve no idea Bear is aware of their plan—or that he has a secret of his own. As for the sisters, Katherine, beautiful and self-absorbed, is in search of her third husband, while Cora Lee is in love for the first time. On warm nights, she climbs up to her building’s roof to chat with Noah and listen to the melody of the water below. Yet there is more intrigue afoot in Honey Creek . . .

Andy Delane has arrived in town to hear the last wishes of the father she never met. She was shocked to get a letter from lawyer Jackson Landry, and has few expectations—of this mysterious will, or of Landry’s skill . . . But fall always brings changes, and this year there will be enough to alter not just the lives of those who call Honey Creek home, but the future of Someday Valley itself . . .

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