A Worthington Wedding

Ella Quinn

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Three dashing heroes of the ton search for their perfect matches in this delightful new series set in the world of bestselling author Ella Quinn’s beloved Worthingtons and their extended family, where there’s never a dull moment—or a lack of tempting romance . . .

Charlie, Earl of Stanwood, is at his gentleman’s club when he overhears from a nearby card game that the Viscount Ognon plans to gamble away a property in which some of his family live. Charlie takes a dim view of those who mistreat their dependents, and though he rarely gambles, he always wins. This time is no different. Triumphant, Charlie is determined to sign the property over to the appropriate family member . . .

Miss Oriana Ognon comes from a family in which the men are incorrigible gamblers, while the women mitigate the losses. Fortunately, she inherited her estate from a maternal aunt and is independent of her cousin, who repeatedly attempts to gamble it away. Needless to say, when the Earl of Stanwood comes to call, he is promptly presented with proof of Oriana’s homeownership—and no offer of refreshment. . . . Even if he was the handsomest man she’d ever seen . . .

Intrigued by headstrong Oriana, Charles sets out to discover more about her—and concludes she may be exactly the wife he’s looking for. Meanwhile, Oriana learns more about Charles, and her interest is piqued. But as saboteurs and rivals compromise their possible future together, they just might find themselves in an irresistibly compromising position of their own . . .



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