Through the Barracks Window

A Time of Waves

Stacey L. Bolin

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Ratgeber / Familie


Fallon Bentley's life outside the fence seemed perfect and was often envied. Yet her journey was like walking through a garden of china roses, fearing every step. Her family, her friends, her soul, the future lay in the balance. How would she survive? Fallon had a choice - conquer her cancer or the government. Her decision: BOTH! Those who said, she would never win these battles, had never walked a step in her shoes. Her determination - Endless. Her mind echoed a story, a continuous maze of moments set in time, building a stairway to a destinya futureunknown. Her new found voice of wisdom and an angelic spiritual connection removed the word "No" from her vocabulary forever. Yet with her new found wisdom and spiritual connection, would the growing mystery in her life be revealed?

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