The Jesus Christ Chronicles

Highlighting the Other Untold True Story of the Chief of Travelers, the Messiah!

Wazir Kooloo

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Perhaps there is no other individual of any prominence in the history of religion about whom so many differences exist as about Jesus, the son of Mary and Joseph. In The Jesus Christ Chronicles, Wazir Kooloo shares a comprehensive examination of the negative Islamic schools of thought about Jesus while analyzing past mistakes and answering long-held questions. While relying on the verses within the Holy Quran as a starting point, Kooloo takes spiritual seekers on a journey that delves into the unknown true facts surrounding Mother Mary, her parents, and her initiation into the services of the Temple; the historical account of Jesus pilgrimage to India; and the Prophets journey to Mount of Olives where He is told He must suffer great persecution for the honor of God. Kooloo follows the story of Jesus life to 33 ADa time in history that many biblical scholars refer to as the Year of the Passion of Christ, when an event unraveled that changed the course of religious history forever. The Jesus Christ Chronicles utilizes well-researched facts as it shares a fresh perspective on religion, philosophy, and reality.