Gangsta Rap for the Youth

The Things They May Not Tell You About Crime and Street Life

David K. Hudson

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At one time in his life, author David K. Hudson was a college student who made the Deans List twice. But one January night, he made an errant decision that sent him to prison for life. In this inspirational memoir, Hudson takes youths on a journey to the other side of crime and the criminal justice systema story which often goes untold in the grandeur of rap music. His story travels through the daily life of incarceration, visitation, and the true rewards of street hustling. He shows what prison life is really about and the heartaches and the sufferings that result when one chooses to sell drugs, to commit crimes, to sell their body, or to take any of the other shortcuts street life offers in the pursuit of fast riches. In Gangsta Rap for the Youth, Hudson discusses the power of choice and the ability to reject crime. He makes a strong argument for regaining personal power and accepting the responsibility to be a productive member of society. This guide to self-empowerment communicates that youth have the ability to take control of their future and make the right choices in life.

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