Jobless in Gainesville

Finding Meaningful Work and Our Place in the Sun

Rene G. Parent

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Writing is a conversation with life, our life. It's my hope you recognize yourself within the pages, within the story, within the conversation. I've written a letter to my niece who sweats jobless in Gainesville. I've written on parts of my life as a stay at home parent. I've written on the writing process itself. Though seasons change, what remains is our unity, the human connection, the people who people our lives. I've written on finding meaningful work and finding our place in the sun. Work uniquely defines us. Finding our ideal place to live is a luxury we give to ourselves. I've written on the writing process. Writing is a conversation, more the listening part however. Much like music, and those distant planes, life is readily available as backdrop to our writing. Still we must pause to notice. Enjoy listening along. May it be music to your ears, compelling to read, empowering to your life. My wife says it's called listening.

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