The Fowl of the Crimson Dawn

Isaac Tago

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


Cale Valens, a graduating eighteen-year-old recluse, has become unsatisfied with the everyday life of an average teenager attending Stellar High School. Nothing explosive ever happened in the dull city of Irvine, California to brighten his day, no tragedies seemed to befall him as he ran a cheese-less mouse maze back and forth from home to school, and certainly no one ever tried to kill himgiven that he barely had anything much to live for as it was. He doesnt realize that everything he knew is all about to change as a mysterious toxin awakens a part of his personality that challenges his humanity as he, and a handful of other students around him, encounters what seems to be the end of life as they know it. Surviving an unfortunate attack after Stellar was quarantined starts to become almost an unlucky outcome for them as they are hunted even in their time of despair. They start to find that even in a supernatural world, there is a race for control as others try to regulate them. Luckily, Cale Valens always had a knack for rebellion, and it was a necessary time for his inner monster to start a riot against the world, if he can survive the malice the world had waiting for him.