ADO.NET and ADO Examples and Best Practices for VB Programmers

William Vaughn

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Visual Basic database developers are faced with a dizzying cornucopia of choices when it comes to data access paradigms. The onset of the new .NET technology forces developers to completely rethink their data access strategies. All at once, there is an entirely new language and a new set of data access interfaces to learn and to incorporate into their designs. The purpose of this book is to make the choice and implementation of the best of those technologies far easier. It does this through working examples and numerous discussions of what works and what doesn't. Vaughn's "e;Best Practices"e; are the techniques that developers need to know, because they cause the least amount of overhead, problems, and confusion - for the developer, the system, and the team. While some are quite simple to implement, other "e;Best Practices"e; require considerable thought and forethought to enable. This is a developer's book - full of hints, tips, and notes passed on from those who show the medals and scars of battles won and lost.

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