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History of Delaware County and Border Wars of New York

Jay Gould

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When Jay Gould died in 1892 he left behind an estate worth the equivalent of seventy-eight billion in today’s dollars. He also left behind a reputation as one of Wall Street’s most shrewd, astute, and (some said) manipulative operators. Long before his adventures in finance, the future “robber baron” was a young man on the make in his native Catskills, working as a surveyor and mapmaker in his natal place of Delaware County, where he had grown up side by side with the future writer and naturalist John Burroughs. Originally published in 1856, when Gould was just twenty, Gould’s History of Delaware County and Border Wars of New York is based on primary sources and original testimony from second and third generation settlers, many of them Gould’s own friends and cousins. The book continues to be an important source on the first settlement of the region and is highly regarded by scholars. This edition features a new introduction by Edward Renehan, the biographer of both Gould and John Burroughs.

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