Daddy by Default

Pat Tucker

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Roxanne Redman's husband hasn't fathered a child, but he's suddenly arrested for fifty-thousand dollars' worth of delinquent child supportand their nightmare is just beginning.Roxanne's husband, Parker Redman, is shocked when he's arrested for delinquent child support...especially since the devoted husband hasn't fathered any children. The Parkers' best friends, James and Serena, are in the final stages of a bitter divorce. When the divorce is final, James believes his nightmare is overthat's when he learns his daughter has a different daddy. Single mom Lachez Baker is a ghetto-fabulous mother of three who seems to have it all, thanks to money from her children's fathers. But soon, her life of designer clothes, endless parties, and steady cash collides with the man who's been the target of her carefully crafted paternity fraud. From author Pat Tucker comes a drama-filled tale of lies, schemes and consequences as these men discover the importance of knowing the paternity laws in your state.

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