Classic Restaurants of Evansville

Kristalyn Shefveland

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Nestled in a horseshoe bend along the Ohio River, Evansville bestrides the border between the Mid-South and the Midwest. This location allowed the city to build a culinary tradition all its own. For generations, cherished eateries like Turoni's, House of Como and Hilltop Inn have served delicious and unique local fare like brain sandwiches, cracker-crisp thin crust pizza, Ski slushies, burgoo and more. In recent years, revitalized historic districts have housed cafes, coffeehouses and breweries that hearken back to Evansville's past even as they embrace the present and look to the future. Historian and University of Southern Indiana professor Kristalyn Shefveland explores the historic restaurants and contemporary legends that define two centuries of Evansville's food history.

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