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Darcy Miller

Chuck Hughes

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Belletristik / Horror


Darcy Miller

Bad things happened. Only the straw man saw.

Twelve-year-old Charlie Colby’s discovery of Elwood Johnson’s frozen body in the wooded area near the Davis farm, his head crushed from a fallen tree branch after a sudden N.C. ice storm, heralds the return of Sue Ann Colby and her son’s nightmare.

The return of Darcy Miller, Sue Ann’s sudden unexplainable illness, Charlie’s missing brother, the mysterious death of James “Farts” Bagwell collide and draw Social Worker Darlene Palmer and Detective Casey Larsen into the lives of the Colby’s and their mysterious past.

All Darlene Palmer knows is that the inexplicable entwinement of Darcy Miller and the Colby family is the key to the mystery of both their present and their past. All Detective Larsen knows is that whenever an unexplained death occurs in the small town of Kernersville, Charlie Colby and Darcy Miller are somewhere around.

Darlene’s drive to unravel the mystery of the elusive specter, Darcy Miller and the disappearance of Charlie’s younger brother, Andrew, takes twenty years and a frightening visit to a small Georgia town where she discovers that when multiple entities strive for dominance of the psychic realm, the world becomes a mystifying and frightening place. When one of the personas seems ageless, the frightening becomes terrifying.



Darcy Miller, Horror, Psychic mystery, Psychic thriller