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The Yogi Poems and Other Celebrations of Local Baseball

Raphael Badagliacca

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This book of 25 stories and poems is for anyone who loves baseball at any level – from the major leagues to high school to little league – or softball played with passion by people of all ages on diamonds across America and the world.

It’s also a celebration of Yogi Berra, one of baseball’s most beloved figures, and his legendary contribution to the sport and the nation.

Read about the only perfect game in World Series history, the Bucky Dent home run seen from a crowded bar in Woodstock, a pair of tickets to Ebbets Field in its final days, a miracle outcome at Yankee Stadium in a city stunned by 9/11, a nine-year old girl who outshines every player on the field, a serious baseball league for men in their fifties and sixties, a meaningful late night catch between father and son, a high school alumni game with sudden insight into what it means to be a parent, a family reunion centered around a baseball game across generations...

Above all, this is a book about the greatest game ever invented told through the experiences and emotions of its fans and players. It’s about you.

So, let’s play ball!

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