Creative Grab Bag

Inspiring Challenges for Artists, Illustrators and Designers

Ethan Bodnar

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Innenarchitektur, Design


Push the Limits of Your CreativityCreative Grab Bag captures the spirit of exploration and innovation—inside, you'll find inspiring work from 101 artists from around the world. Ethan Bodnar asked each artist to take on a task outside the realm of their normal work. Each task was randomly selected from a grab bag. The result is a collection of work brimming with creative energy. In this book, you'll find short biographies of the artists, examples of their typical work, their thoughts on the creative process, and images of their completed creative task.Here's a sampling of the creative grab bag tasks:Design a BuildingMake a Self-PortraitMake Art like a ChildDesign a BrandCreate Visual StatisticsIllustrate a MemoryIllustrate Your DayCreate a Collage Create a SculptureDesign a Book CoverDesign an Album CoverCreate a Photo EssayPhotograph StrangersDesign a SkateboardDesign a Pair of ShoesMake a Wallpaper PatternDesign a TypefaceCreate an AnimationDesign a CharacterCreative Grab Bag also features tear-out cards, so you can do the creative challenges yourself. Work together or in a group, and push the limit—you'll break out of your routine and take your work into unchartered territory.PLEASE NOTE: Tear-out cards are NOT included with the ebook version of this title

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