Gary Brandner

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Belletristik / Horror


Insiders.Clever Alec. Arrogant Roman. Beautiful Lindy. The popular kids at school. They don't know who they hurt. And they don't care.Outsider.Frazier. Brainy, awkward, unloved. But he's got something the other kids don't. Astral projection. The ability to cast his mind long distances out of his body. Yet it fails to save him the night he falls victim to a prank that goes horrifyingly too far.Though Frazier's body dies, his mind does not. It floats, buoyed for years by one thought. Revenge. Now, twenty years later, Alec, Roman, and Lindy are summoned, as if by a supernatural force, to a high-school reunion they'll never forget. If any of them live through it.

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Gary Brandner
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