Town and Country Planning in England and Wales

(Third Edition, Revised)

John B. Cullingworth

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The British Town and Country Planning machine is the most sophisticated in the world, yet its inadequacies are only too apparent to those who are familiar with its evolution and operation. During the last decade it has been in a constant state of change in an attempt to come to terms with the needs of a rapidly  changing society.This work attempts to provide a comprehensive picture of the planning system and the ways in which it is changing. An historical introduction leads into an account of the machinery of planning and the major new provisions of the 1968 Town and Country Planning Act. Special attention is then paid to the problems of land values, amenity, derelict land, planning for leisure, new and expanding towns, urban renewal and the search for an adequate means of regional planning. The book ends with an examination of some of the fundamental problems of public acceptance of, and public participation in, a democratic system of planning.The book is aimed at the student and the general reader. It is not a legal text, but neither is it intended as a polemic.

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