Skeleton Road

Val McDermid

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


A thrilling new novel from one of the worlds most celebrated crime writers proves that the past can never stay buried Val McDermid is the queen of psychological suspense and the #1 bestselling author of The Retribution, Cross and Burn and The Vanishing Point, among many others. Her newest masterpiece of suspense begins in Edinburgh with the discovery of a skeleton. Investigators are shocked to find this is not the result of a recent crime but in fact a death that has remained hidden and unknown for several decades. The stakes rise when unexpected connections to the Croatian military are uncovered. When evil has no borders and the past refuses to stay in the past, everyone involved is placed into new and unforeseen danger. Told with Val McDermids signature brilliance and panache, The Skeleton Road is sure to have readers on the edge of their seats and glued to the pages long into the night. Praise for Val McDermid She's the best we've got. New York Times Val McDermid has become our leading pathologist of everyday evil. . . . The subtle orchestration of terror is masterful. The Guardian One of the world's leading mystery writers . . . Thomas Harris crossed with Agatha Christie, if you will... a great read. Observer

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