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Advanced Digestive Endoscopy

Practice and Safety

Peter B. Cotton (Hrsg.)

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Essential new title in the Advanced Digestive Endoscopyseries Advanced Digestive Endoscopy: Practice &Safety provides a practical manual on how to performtechniques safely and effectively in order to maximise value, andto reduce risks. Clearly structured, it covers training, endoscopyand imaging equipment, infection control, patient preparation andmonitoring, complications and how to avoid and deal with them.Expanding on the content of Peter Cotton's best-sellingPractical Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, this instructivevolume contains information and guidelines on all aspects of thepractice of endoscopy, and is an ideal companion for both thetrainee and the experienced endoscopist. Key features include: * * Written by the leading international names in endoscopy * Text has been expertly edited by Peter Cotton into a succinctand instructive format * Presented in short paragraphs structured with headings,subheadings and bullet points * Richly illustrated throughout with full-color photographs



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