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Language of the Earth

A Literary Anthology

Frank H. T. Rhodes (Hrsg.), Bruce D. Malamud (Hrsg.), Richard O. Stone (Hrsg.)

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Man's complex relationship to planet Earth is explored in thissecond edition of the landmark anthology edited by Frank Rhodes andBruce Malamud. This volume provides a portrait of the planet asexperienced not just by scientists, but by artists, aviators,poets, philosophers, novelists, historians, and sociologists aswell. * A unique collection that bridges the gap between science andhumanities * Contains writings by scientists, artists, aviators, poets,philosophers, novelists, historians, and sociologists includingCharles Darwin, Dane Picard, Rachel Carson, John Muir, Mark Twainand Archibald Geikie * Represents the human experience over the centuries, covering aspan of 2,500 years * Reflects the planet's extraordinary physical diversity * The previous edition was voted one of the 25 'Great Books ofGeology' by readers of the Journal of GeologicalEducation "...this is a very worthwhile read, with something for everyoneinterested in geography, earth systems and geology, natural historyor the general environment." Robert A. Francis, King's College London, Progress inPhysical Geography


(The Holocene, May 2009)
"The book perfectly illustrates the beauty, the enigmaticcomplexity and the insidiously violent character of theEarth."
(Choice, November 2008)
"Anyone interested in planet Earth, whether in its rocksand soil, or the animals and plants which inhabit it, or in thepeople who have in the past tried to explore, describe, and explainit, will find something of interest here. Recommended."
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