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Fungal Biology

J. W. Deacon

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Mikrobiologie


Visit the accompanying website from the author Fungal Biology is the fully updated new edition of thisundergraduate text, covering all major areas of fungal biology andproviding insights into many topical areas. * * Provides insights into many topical areas such as fungalultrastructure and the mechanisms of fungal growth, importantfungal metabolites and the molecular techniques used to studyfungal populations. * Focuses on the interactions of fungi that form the basis fordeveloping biological control agents, with several commercialexamples of the control of insect pests and plant diseases. * Emphasises the functional biology of fungi, with examples fromrecent research. * Includes a clear illustrative account of the features andsignificance of the main fungal groups.


New Zealand Journal of Botany
"It is the best textbook available for a comprehensive viewof the fungi and their importance to the human condition." Robert Roberson, Arizona State University <!--end--> "...fully updated and expanded, and can still (or even betternow) serve as an excellent textbook for students." Persoonia, June 2006 "My very positive impression of this book has prompted me toprescribe it as the text for the undergraduate mycology paper atthe University of Otago. I think the book will inspire students bygiving them an appreciation of the wide scope of experimentalmycology, and I would thoroughly recommend it to readers who want athorough expose of the wonderful world of fungi."
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