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Igneous Rocks and Processes

A Practical Guide

Robin Gill

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Geologie


This book is for geoscience students taking introductory or intermediate-level courses in igneous petrology, to help develop key skills (and confidence) in identifying igneous minerals, interpreting and allocating appropriate names to unknown rocks presented to them. The book thus serves, uniquely, both as a conventional course text and as a practical laboratory manual. Following an introduction reviewing igneous nomenclature, each chapter addresses a specific compositional category of magmatic rocks, covering definition, mineralogy, eruption/ emplacement processes, textures and crystallization processes, geotectonic distribution, geochemistry, and aspects of magma genesis. One chapter is devoted to phase equilibrium experiments and magma evolution; another introduces pyroclastic volcanology. Each chapter concludes with exercises, with the answers being provided at the end of the book. Appendices provide a summary of techniques and optical data for microscope mineral identification, an introduction to petrographic calculations, a glossary of petrological terms, and a list of symbols and units. The book is richly illustrated with line drawings, monochrome pictures and colour plates. Additional resources for this book can be found at:


(Choice, 1 March 2011)
"Igneous petrology is difficult to master using only a singlecourse resource. Thus, instructors often steer students towardsupplementary readings on how to work with geochemical data oridentify igneous minerals in thin section. Gill takes a big steptoward resolving this challenge, integrating content in a way thatinstructors will value as a holistic presentation of concepts andtools."
(Geology Today, 1November 2010)
"This is a very comprehensive, well written and well laid out book,which should appear on the shelves of all students and theiradvisors in the field of igneous petrology."
. (The Geographical Journal, 4 December 2010)
"Overall an excellent contribution by Robin Gill, this text bookis a superb desk reference as well as a reasonably priced additionto any practical igneous petrology course at both intermediate andadvanced levels"
(Geological Magazine, 2010)
"This textbook will be an invaluable guide for undergraduates inthe laboratory and will allow them to develop their interpretativeskills in petrology in the most intuitive way. The breadth oftopics, clear layout and level of detail will no doubt lead it tobecome an essential, always on- hand reference for students."
(Geoscientist, November2012)
"It's tough call to produce an igneous petrology book that engagesthe readers and draws them on, but it's hard to imagine a betterattempt than this by Robin Gill."
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