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Multiculturalism and Diversity

A Social Psychological Perspective

Bernice Lott

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


Multiculturalism and Diversity focuses on the ways in whichhistory and identity inform each other, and examines the politicsof culture as well as the politics of cultural identities withinthe U.S. * Illustrates the basic proposition that each of us is a uniquemulticultural human being and that culture affects individualself-definition, experience, behavior, and socialinteraction * Moves from early simple definitions of multiculturalism to morecomplex understandings focused on culture as learned, teachable(shared), and fluid * Uses a critical approach to the study of culture and personalidentity that is informed by historical and social factors and anappreciation of their interaction * Examines the various cultural threads within the mosaic of aperson's multicultural self such as sexual identity, gender,social class, and ethnicity


(Psychology of Women Quarterly, 2011)
"Readers will enjoy its clarity, succinctness, and current examples. A timely contribution, the book can enrich training for research or practice and should prove valuable for anyone interested in culture and diversity."
(PsycCRITIQUES, September 15, 2010)
"For instructors and researchers looking for new and better ways to define and describe the difficult constructs of culture, diversity, and multiculturalism, Multiculturalism and Diversity lives up to the task....... Furthermore, its individual chapters may serve as helpful stand-alone treatises on the four major cultural groups."
-Faye J. Crosby, University of California, Santa Cruz
"A very good introduction for academics and (separately) the truly provincial for whom college is the first step out of their cultural womb." (Prometheus 6, January 2010)"Incisive, wise, and extremely thought-provoking is the new book byBernice Lott. From her brilliant observation that all of us aremulticultural flows a narrative that invites us to re-think issuesof self and society. The implications of Lott's analyses are bothexciting and profound. A great book!"
-Ying-yi Hong, University of Illinois atUrbana-Champaign, USA, and Nanyang Technological University,Singapore
"This book is truly unique. Integrating research and theories,the author makes a case that every individual is multicultural andfurther elucidates how contexts, roles, and power differentialsunderlie the conditions of major ethnic/gender/social class/sexualorientation groups. Written in an engaging and accessible manner,this book is suitable for any course on multiculturalism anddiversity."
-Richard J. Crisp, University of Kent
"Multiculturalism and Diversity -- two words that capturethe essence of our contemporary social worlds. In this book BerniceLott explores the social psychological impact of culturaldiversity. The result is a resounding success: The writing iscogent, the examples striking, the analysis clear and insightful.Lott's comprehensive and compelling thesis represents asignificant advance in our efforts to understand the evolvingnature of self in multicultural societies."
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