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Designing Workplace Mentoring Programs

An Evidence-Based Approach

Mark L. Poteet, Tammy D. Allen, Lisa M. Finkelstein, et al.

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This book presents an evidence-based best practice approach to the design, development, and operation of formal mentoring programs within organizations. It includes practical tools and resources that organizations can use such as training exercises, sample employee development plans, and mentoring contracts. Case studies from organizations with successful mentoring programs illustrate various principles (e.g., how the mentoring program is aligned with other organizational systems) and suggest best practice contemporary strategies.


-Daniel Turban, University of Missouri
"Designing Workplace Mentoring Programs by Allen, Finkelstein, andPoteet does an excellent job of applying relevant theoretical andempirical research for designing, implementing, and evaluatingformal mentor programs. I believe that both academicians andpractitioners will enjoy and benefit from reading this book."
-Barry M. Cohen, Ph.D., Consulting Psychologist
"The collective mentoring experiences of leaders from majorcompanies went into this well researched book. Read it first andsave yourself a lot of misdirected efforts creating an exemplaryprogram for your organization."
-Mariangela Battista, Ph.D., Vice President,Organizational Culture & Effectiveness, Starwood Hotels &Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
"Allen et al. have created a very practical and useful guide todeveloping workplace mentoring programs. For any HR Professionalconsidering implementing such a program in their organization, thisshould be their blueprint."
-Belle Rose Ragins, University ofWisconsin-Milwaukee
"This essential volume offers a practical blueprint for buildingeffective mentoring programs from the ground floor up. Using caseinterviews, best practices, and existing research, the authorsoffer a comprehensive guide that is firmly rooted in cutting-edgeresearch. This is a "must-have" resource for everypractitioner's bookshelf."
-Ann Gowdey, MSW, Principal, Ann Gowdey Consulting
"If you are planning or currently implementing a mentoringprogram--this book is a must read. Its clear, concisepresentation of research, combined with action plans and casestudies takes the guesswork out of program success."
-Lillian T. Eby, Professor of Psychology, Universityof Georgia
"Allen and colleagues have artfully presented a comprehensive,well integrated set of evidence-based recommendations for thedesign, delivery and evaluation of formal mentoring programs inorganizational settings. This book is positioned to have a majorimpact on the field of mentoring and is sure to enhance thementoring experience for mentors, protégés, andorganizations alike."
-Lillian T. Eby, Professor of Psychology, Universityof Georgia
"For the first time, Allen and colleagues have artfullypresented a comprehensive, well integrated set of evidence-basedrecommendations for the design, delivery and evaluation of formalmentoring programs in organizational settings. This is a must readbook for practitioners, who have been heretofore relying primarilyon anecdotal evidence to help them create effective mentoringprograms, often times with mixed success. The book also has strongappeal to academics because it provides a roadmap for cutting-edge,timely, and important research that can further reduce thescience-to-practice gap related to organizational mentoring. Theauthors should be commended for their ability to take empiricalresearch on formal mentoring programs and create a set ofuser-friendly guidelines and diagnostic tools to assist in thedevelopment of formal mentoring programs. This book is positionedto have a major impact on the field of mentoring and is sure toenhance the mentoring experience for mentors, protégés,and organizations alike."
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