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A Companion to the Early Middle Ages

Britain and Ireland c.500 - c.1100

Pauline Stafford (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Regional- und Ländergeschichte


Drawing on 28 original essays, A Companion to the Early MiddleAges takes an inclusive approach to the history of Britain andIreland from c.500 to c.1100 to overcome artificial distinctions ofmodern national boundaries. * A collaborative history from leading scholars, coveringthe key debates and issues * Surveys the building blocks of political society, and considerswhether there were fundamental differences across Britain andIreland * Considers potential factors for change, including the economy,Christianisation, and the Vikings


(Reference Reviews, February 2010)
"Yet another volume in this thoughtful, thought provoking andcarefully written series has now appeared, this time focusingprimarily on pre Norman Britain and Ireland from the end of theRoman period."
--Reference Reviews
'The concise presentation of complex information inintroductory form is a great talent... The fact that allchapters of the book are consistently clear and readable asintroductions to the non-specialist is impressive. That theychallenge us conceptually and push at the boundaries of ourunderstanding as well as our knowledge is more so.'
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Geschichte, History, Archäologie, Mittelalter, British Medieval History, Archaeology, Geschichte des britischen Mittelalters