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Measuring Biological Diversity

Anne E. Magurran

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / ÷kologie


This accessible and timely book provides a comprehensive overviewof how to measure biodiversity. The book highlights newdevelopments, including innovative approaches to measuringtaxonomic distinctness and estimating species richness, andevaluates these alongside traditional methods such as speciesabundance distributions, and diversity and evenness statistics. * Helps the reader quantify and interpret patterns of ecologicaldiversity, focusing on the measurement and estimation of speciesrichness and abundance. * Explores the concept of ecological diversity, bringing newperspectives to a field beset by contradictory views andadvice. * Discussion spans issues such as the meaning of community in thecontext of ecological diversity, scales of diversity anddistribution of diversity among taxa * Highlights advances in measurement paying particular attentionto new techniques such as species richness estimation, applicationof measures of diversity to conservation and environmentalmanagement and addressing sampling issues * Includes worked examples of key methods in helping people tounderstand the techniques and use available computer packages moreeffectively


TonyAndrew, University of Ulster, Times Higher Education Supplement,March 2004
"It is a blessing that the book has been rewritten, as it saves usfrom scouring second-hand bookshops; it was a text that wasborrowed from libraries and disappeared...Anne Magurran, whileproviding an invaluable practical handbook, also explainsdifficulties in a very readable style...But this book is not justrecommended to working ecologists - it is essential."
To ecologists and conservation biologists who work withbiodiversity, for more than a decade the name 'Magurran' has meantan essential little book on measuring biodiversity EcologicalDiversity and Its Measurement, 1988.
in this field.
Now Anne Magurran has written a thorough update MeasuringBiological Diversity, considerably expanded to cover importantnew developments in the field, including richness estimation, newrelative abundance models, and new ways to compare assemblagecomposition. Throughout, examples from the primary literature areused to illustrate concepts and methods and key methods arepresented as worked examples in an appendix. And as before, the newbook shines with a blessedly welcome readability, excellentscholarship and plain good sense. Magurran does not shrink frommaking tough judgments and recommendations that go against'tradition'
Professor Robert Colwell, Universityof Connecticut.
I expect the 'new Magurran' to become an essential reference onresearchers' bookshelves and required reading for advanced studentsin biodiversity studies. "
Ecology, December 2004
"The book provides a useful and in-depth review of statisticaland measurement issues related to biological diversity...It will bea useful reference book and educational tool for years to come forthose interested in the measurement of biological diversity."
African Journalof Aquatic Science, June 2005
"This is obviously a finely-crafted book...It will be anindispensable guide for any researcher engaged in measuring speciesdiversity or in comparing the richness of different speciesassemblages. It is, above all, a practical book, clearly laid out,with concise descriptions and worked examples."
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Biodiversität, Conservation Science, Life Sciences, Biowissenschaften, Biodiversity, Naturschutzbiologie