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The Nuts and bolts of Paced ECG Interpretation

Tom Kenny

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizin


Nothing is more perplexing to the clinician new to device therapythan having to deal with cardiac electrocardiograms from a devicepatient. Pacemakers and other implantable cardiac rhythm managementdevices leave their "imprint" on ECGs and cansignificantly change what clinicians see - or expect to see.Evaluating paced ECGs can be challenging, yet nowhere is it taughtin any sort of comprehensive manner. Designed specifically for clinicians new to device therapy,The Nuts and Bolts of Interpreting Paced ECGs and EGMsoffers practical, reliable and objective information on pacedcardiac electrograms. Written in a lively, intelligent and easy tonavigate style, emphasizing real-life clinical practice andpractical tips, this book includes illustrated paced ECGs byskilled artists to help minimize "fuzzy" lines andemphasize key points. Each chapter concludes with a checklist ofkey points from each subject ("Nuts and Bolts").


?This is a concise, well-written introduction to the interpretationof paced rhythms with many well-done recreated practice ECGs thatboth educate and challenge readers.? (Doody?s Reviews ,October 2009)
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