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An Introduction to Environmental Chemistry

Peter S. Liss, Tim D. Jickells, Brian Reid, et al.

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Chemie


This introductory text explains the fundamentals of the chemistryof the natural environment and the effects of mankind's activitieson the earth's chemical systems. * * Retains an emphasis on describing how natural geochemicalprocesses operate over a variety of scales in time and space, andhow the effects of human perturbation can be measured. * Topics range from familiar global issues such as atmosphericpollution and its effect on global warming and ozone destruction,to microbiological processes that cause pollution of drinking waterdeltas. * Contains sections and information boxes that explain the basicchemistry underpinning the subject covered. * Each chapter contains a list of further reading on the subjectarea. Updated case studies. * * No prior chemistry knowledge required. * Suitable for introductory level courses.


Environmental Biology
"I can strongly recommend this book as a basic text for all thosewho wish to gain an initial understanding of the chemistry of theEarth and the way humans are interacting with their environment." Peter O'Neill, University of Plymouth, Progress in PhysicalGeography, June 2005 <!--end--> "Overall, this book is a valuable addition to reading lists forstudents taking undergraduate level courses primarily inEnvironmental Science, but also in Physical Geography, EarthSciences and Environmental Chemistry. It is very readable and wellwritten." International Journal of Climatology, April 2006 "If I had to recommend one single textbook for courses inenvironmental science to students and all those interested fromother fields, it would be this one. It is an excellent introductoryreader and learning aid."
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