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Management of Unintended and Abnormal Pregnancy

Comprehensive Abortion Care

Maureen Paul (Hrsg.), Steve Lichtenberg (Hrsg.), Mitchell D. Creinin (Hrsg.), Lynn Borgatta (Hrsg.), Phillip G. Stubblefield (Hrsg.), David A. Grimes (Hrsg.)

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Access to high quality abortion care is essential to women'shealth, as evidenced by the dramatic decrease in pregnancy-relatedmorbidity and mortality since the legalization of abortion in theUnited States, and by high rates of maternal death andcomplications in those countries where abortion is still providedunder unsafe conditions. The past two decades have brought important advances in abortioncare as well as increasing cross-disciplinary use of abortiontechnologies in women's health care. Abortion is an importantoption for pregnant women who have serious medical conditions orfetal abnormalities, and fetal reduction techniques are nowwell-integrated into infertility treatment to reduce the risks ofmultiple pregnancies resulting from assisted reproductivetechnologies. Management of Unintended and AbnormalPregnancy: Comprehensive Abortion Care is the textbook ofthe National Abortion Federation, and serves as the standard,evidence-based reference text in abortion care. Thisstate-of-the-art textbook provides a comprehensive overview of thepublic health implications of unsafe abortion and reviews the bestsurgical and medical practices for pregnancy termination, as wellas managing ectopic and other abnormal pregnancies. Management of Unintended and Abnormal Pregnancy:Comprehensive Abortion Care is the leading source for acomprehensive understanding of issues related to unintended andabnormal pregnancy. This textbook: * is authored by internationally-known leaders in women's healthcare; * addresses unintended pregnancy and abortion from historical,legal, public health, clinical, and quality care perspectives; * includes chapters on pregnancy loss, ectopic pregnancy,gestational trophoblastic disease, and multifetal pregnancyreduction; * covers treatment of pregnancies in the first and secondtrimester by both medical and surgical techniques; and * provides resources for clinical, scientific, and social supportfor the abortion provider and patient.


(British Journal of Sexual Medicine, October 2010)
"This is a highly informative, well-referenced book, which covers the subject detail in a balanced, humane, sensitive and women centred way. The book is upbeat and positive about the alliance of abortion with sexual and reproductive health and the new prospects for leadership in abortion care resulting from this. This book is an essential read for those providing counselling and assessment for abortion care, as well as those providing abortion procedures."
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