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Ore Geology and Industrial Minerals

An Introduction

Anthony M. Evans

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Much new data and many new ideas have emerged in the area of oregeology and industrial minerals since publication of the secondedition of this text in 1987. The overriding philosophy behind thisnew edition is the inclusion and integration of this new materialwithin the established framework of the text. The third edition isre-presented in the modern double-column format. Non-metallic deposits of industrial and bulk materials are fullycovered to meet the changing emphasis of courses in appliedgeology. In addition, chapter 1 has been considerably enlarged toinclude a section on mineral economics covering metals, industrialminerals and bulk materials. In this section, the various aspectsof economic exploitation of industrial and bulk materials arecompared with those of metallic deposits. Other major revisions andadditions include a section on fluid inclusions, expansion of thesection on wall rock alteration, expansion of the material onisotope studies, and the inclusion of a section on hydraulicfracturing and seismic pumping.


From second edition:
Geological Journal
" The book deserves to do well; Dr. Evans has got thebalance of subject matter about right for a comprehensiveintroductory text... the book is realistic in its demands onthe reader and should become equally popular as itspredecessor."
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
"Because of the immense range of knowledge required towrite a good textbook on the subject, few economic geologists havethe talent, time and willingness to devote to this task; and few,if any, really good textbooks on the subject have been written inrecent years. Considering its modest length, this book by Evanscomes as close as any to meeting the needs for a first course inore deposits."
"Basically, this book is an excellent undergraduate-leveltext, which I will again consider using."
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