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Cinema Wars

Hollywood Film and Politics in the Bush-Cheney Era

Douglas M. Kellner

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Cinema Wars explores the intersection of film, politics, andUS culture and society through a bold critical analysis of thefilms, TV shows, and documentaries produced in the early 2000s * Offers a thought-provoking depiction of Hollywood film as acontested terrain between conservative and liberal forces * Films and documentaries discussed include: Black HawkDown, The Dark Knight, Star Wars,Syriana, WALL-E, Fahrenheit 9/11 and otherMichael Moore documentaries, amongst others * Explores how some films in this era supported the Bush-Cheneyregime, while others criticized the administration, openly orotherwise * Investigates Hollywood's treatment of a range of hottopics, from terrorism and environmental crisis to the Iraq war andthe culture wars of the 2000s * Shows how Hollywood film in the 2000s brought to life avibrant array of social protest and helped create culturalconditions to elect Barack Obama


(Historical Journal of Film, Radio andTelevision, 1 June 2011)
"Notwithstanding the lack of surprise, Kellner is alwayschallenging and provocative, and for that reason alone, Cinema Warsis worth reading."
--Thomas Schatz, University of Texas at Austin
"This volume will be a valuable source ... .The provocativepolitical stances taken and wide range of films discussed here willstimulate debate for academics and students alike." (TimesHigher Education, February 2010)"By far the best work yet on Hollywood cinema and American politicsin the post-9/11 era. In the tradition of Camera Politica,Doug Kellner provides a bold and insightful assessment of a widearray of recent films, from documentaries and disaster spectaclesto Iraq War films and low-budget horror. In the process, hefashions a remarkably comprehensive critique of American film andideology in the new millennium."
--Carl Boggs, author of Imperial Delusions andThe Hollywood War Machine
"Professor Douglas Kellner has produced a masterful account ofcontemporary film culture in the United States, skillfullyconnecting it to major political issues, events, and developmentsof our period. This volume is absolutely indispensable reading foranyone interested in the central dynamics of American cinematichistory and politics."
--Janet Bergstrom, Cinema and Media Studies, UCLA
"Cinema Wars spurs an important discussion about thepolitical issues that are raised by contemporary, mainstream films.Kellner's book is a fascinating read and gives us a frameworkfor lively classroom discussion."
--Toby Miller, editor of The Contemporary HollywoodReader
"Doug Kellner is our leading analyst of politics and the media.Cinema Wars, the latest book in this prolificscholar's remarkable output, sheds light on the dreamworld offiction and the reality of documentary. As the United Stateslurched from the disastrous arrogance of the Bush years to thetroubled aftermath of the Great Recession, film referenced eachunsteady step. Kellner was there, and he explains it all forus."
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