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A Companion to the Philosophy of Literature

Garry L. Hagberg (Hrsg.), Walter Jost (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


This monumental collection of new and recent essays from aninternational team of eminent scholars represents the bestcontemporary critical thinking relating to both literary andphilosophical studies of literature. * Helpfully groups essays into the field's main sub-categories,among them 'Relations Between Philosophy andLiterature', 'Emotional Engagement and the Experienceof Reading', 'Literature and the Moral Life', and'Literary Language' * Offers a combination of analytical precision and literaryrichness * Represents an unparalleled work of reference for students andspecialists alike, ideal for course use


(Choice, 1 March2011)
"Recommended. Library collections supporting upper-levelundergraduates through faculty/researchers."
--Marjorie Perloff, author of Wittgenstein'sLadder
"It can be firmly recommended for the library of any universityor college that has courses in either literature or philosophy".(Reference Reviews, 1 December 2010)"In its richness, variety, learning, and consistent balance,this volume, which assembles some of the great names in the field,along with brilliant younger critics like Joshua Landy and RupertRead, will serve as a cornerstone for anyone interested in theinextricability of philosophy and literature. Indeed, the variousbranches of philosophy, especially ethics and epistemology, emergeas indispensable for an understanding of major literary texts fromShakespeare to Stevens."
--Gerald Bruns, Notre Dame University
"In the 1980s, English-speaking philosophers began taking arenewed systematic interest in literature, not so much to determinewhat sort of thing literature might be as to understand philosophyitself in relation to such things as narrative, tragedy, andliterary language. This comprehensive volume brings together livelydiscussion and debate on the most important work that has been donein this area. A true and faithful companion indeed."



Literature, Literatur- u. Kulturtheorie, Ästhetik, Literaturtheorie, Literaturphilosophie, Philosophy, Literary & Cultural Theory, Philosophie, Aesthetics, Literaturwissenschaft