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The Handbook of Language Teaching

Michael H. Long (Hrsg.), Catherine J. Doughty (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Bildungswesen


Bringing together an international and interdisciplinary team ofcontributors, this Handbook is a wide-ranging and invaluablereference guide to language teaching. * A comprehensive reference work on language teaching, whichcombines the latest research findings, coverage of core topics, andexamples of teaching experience from a variety of languages andsettings * Provides a unique breadth of coverage, including: thepsycholinguistic underpinnings of language learning; social,political, and educational contexts; program design; materialswriting and course design; teaching and testing; teacher education;and assessment and evaluation * Offers a balanced evaluation of the major positions andapproaches, including examining the increasingly important socialand political context of language teaching * Written by an international and interdisciplinary group ofauthors from a dozen different countries; English is only one ofthe many languages used as examples throughout the volume


(Studies in Second Language Acquisition,2012)
"The Handbook offers state-of-the-art research-basedanalysis on what is currently known about language teaching. Theinclusion of new and fast-growing issues as well as the variety oftopics is indeed one of its strongest features."

It is hard to imagine a more thorough, innovative andinterdisciplinary contribution to the field. It will becomeessential reading for anyone concerned with languageteaching. -Carmen Muñoz, University of Barcelona

The range of topics and perspectives and the internationalreputations of the contributors guarantee that this volume willhave the same impact as the highly acclaimed and frequently citedHandbook of Second Language Acquisition, also editedby Doughty and Long. -Susan Gass, Michigan State University
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