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The Vandals

Richard Miles, Andrew Merrills

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Altertum


The Vandals is the first book available in the EnglishLanguage dedicated to exploring the sudden rise and dramatic fallof this complex North African Kingdom. This complete historyprovides a full account of the Vandals and re-evaluates key aspectsof the society including: * Political and economic structures such as the complexforeign policy which combined diplomatic alliances and marriageswith brutal raiding * The extraordinary cultural development of secular learning,and the religious struggles that threatened to tear the stateapart * The nature of Vandal identity from a social and genderperspective.


(Speculum, April 2012)
"Merrills and Miles have produced an outstanding piece ofscholarship that makes a genuine contribution to the field, andthat will reward the close attention both of scholars and ofeducated laypeople interested in the transformation of the ancientMediterranean into the world of the early Middle Ages."
Brent D. Shaw, Princeton University
"This is the fresh historical overview of the Vandals andthe Vandal state in Africa for which we have long been looking.Both the ethnic group and their historical role in Mediterraneanhistory have been the subject of much recent revisionist work, allof it crying out for a new general summa. Merrills and Miles haveprovided it, and admirably so."
Frank M. Clover, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"At the turn of the fifth century North Africa was arebellious island of the Roman West, the scene of religiousdiscontent and social unrest, both so troubling to the Romanthrone. Into this mess burst the Vandals, who interrupted the'rhythm' of Roman life for over a century. Merrills andMiles examine every aspect of this drama with infectious enthusiasmand great sympathy for the participants. This is an amazingbook."
David Mattingly, University of Leicester
"At last, a major reappraisal of the Vandals, combining the latestresearch and new critical judgments on the supposedly archetypalbarbarian despoilers of Classical civilization - this book is asuperb addition to the Blackwell Peoples series."
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