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The Power of Identity, with a New Preface

Manuel Castells

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Soziologische Theorien


In this second volume of The Information Age trilogy, withan extensive new preface following the recent global economiccrisis, Manuel Castells deals with the social, political, andcultural dynamics associated with the technological transformationof our societies and with the globalization of the economy. * Extensive new preface examines how dramatic recent events havetransformed the socio-political landscape of our world * Applies Castells' hypotheses to contemporary issues suchas Al Qaeda and global terrorist networks, American unilateralismand the crisis of political legitimacy throughout the world * A brilliant account of social, cultural, and political conflictand struggle all over the world * Analyzes the importance of cultural, religious, and nationalidentity as sources of meaning for people, and its implications forsocial movement * Throws new light on the dynamics of global and localchange


-Anthony M. Orum, Contemporary Sociology
"Every now and then one reads a book of social science that isuplifting and mind expanding. These books are ambitious andlustrous, teaching us much about our world. Such is this work fromthe brilliant sociologist Manuel Castells. There is no othersociological work today that brings together in one panoramicexpanse so many of the changes now occurring. This is a story notsimply of global economic change, but of cultural upheavals. It isa tale not simply of the decline of sovereign states, but of theemergence of the new bases of power. And it is a narrative notmerely about computer technology or the media, but of the veryterms in which those agents work."
-Frank Webster, British Journal ofSociology
"A magnum opus if ever there was one. In my view, the finestpiece of contemporary social analysis for at least ageneration."
-Benjamin Barber, The Los Angeles Times Sunday BookReviews
"A truly stunning achievement. A scholar who, with remarkablemastery, has brought his experience over a lifetime to bear onastonishingly diversified data set, pulling them together into acompelling account of the complex relationship between theprogressive and the reactionary, the globalizing andparticularizing forces that are transforming our perplexingworld."



Social Theory, Soziologie, Sociology, Gesellschaftstheorie