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The Blackwell Companion to The New Testament

David E. Aune (Hrsg.)

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The Blackwell Companion to the New Testament is a detailedintroduction to the New Testament, written by more than 40 scholarsfrom a variety of Christian denominations. * Treats the 27 books and letters of the New Testamentsystematically, beginning with a review of current issues andconcluding with an annotated bibliography * Considers the historical, social and cultural contexts in whichthe New Testament was produced, exploring relevant linguistic andtextual issues * An international contributor list of over 40 scholars representwide field expertise and a variety of Christian denominations * Distinctive features include a unified treatment of Lukethrough Acts, articles on the canonical Gospels, and a discussionof the apocryphal New Testament


(BibleReviewer, 7 December 2013)
"WithThe Blackwell Companion to the New Testament highlyrecommended for its biblical scholarship, The Blackwell Companionto the Bible and Culture seems more reader-friendly but just asthorough as indicated by its ample citations and impressivebibliographies at the end of each chapter. Both books also makeexcellent reference guides without overlapping. i.e., Instead ofpresenting approaches that influence our understanding of abiblical text,The Blackwell Companion to the Bible and Cultureshows the influence of the Bible on literature, art, music,psychology, and even history and politics."
(Journal for theStudy of The New Testament, 1 August 2012)
"Most of the chapters offers substantial treatments of thetopics under consideration, including excellent overviews ofcurrent trends in NT scholarship."
(The New Testament, 1 October 2010)
"This comprehensive introduction to the literature of the NTcontains thirty-eight articles by thirty-four scholars, women andmen representing the best of Protestant, Catholic, and Jewishscholarship."
(Philosophy and religion, October 2010)
Clear sign of scholarly writing set on engaging clearly with thetext of the New Testament. . . This is an objective workthroughout, not set on conversion and more set on information andillumination. A work well worth waiting for and, inevitably andpraiseworthily, likely to stimulate further inquiry and debate."
(Church Times, 22 October2010)
"It is admirably structured, apparently comprehensive andupto-date, with one important qualification, in that it covers theacademic approach to the New Testament through thehistorical-critical Method . . . this work is an impressivecompilation, an excellent indicator of the range and depth ofcurrent New Testament scholarship."
--C Clifton Black, Princeton TheologicalSeminary
"With contributions from an international team ofdistinguished scholars, this Companion offers a comprehensiveorientation to the New Testament's books, their cultural andreligious contexts, and the most important critical approaches totheir interpretation. The volume's greatest strength lies inits masterly compression of the field's rich history ofscholarship. Written with clarity and insight rare in a work ofmultiple authorship, this is a commendable handbook for advancedstudents, their teachers, and a broad audience of educatedreaders."
--Loveday Alexander, University of Sheffield
"A concise and authoritative guide to current criticalscholarship on the New Testament ... offering 16 sharp andwell-focused thematic essays on NT backgrounds, canons, andcritical methods followed by 21 chapters addressing the criticalagenda for the individual books of the NT,and a wonderfullyinformative chapter on the NT apocrypha. Sharp enough to engage theattention of seasoned scholars in the field, yet concise enough towhet the appetite of students, each essay makes a distinctivecontribution in its own right and offers a select but well-chosenbibliography for further exploration. An indispensableresource."



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