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Acute Medical Emergencies

The Practical Approach

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Acute Medical Emergencies is based on the popular AdvancedLife Support Group course MedicALS (Medical Advanced Life Support)and is an invaluable resource for all doctors dealing with medicalemergencies. This comprehensive guide deals with the medical aspects ofdiagnosis and treatment of acute emergencies. Its structuredapproach teaches the novice how to assess and recognise a patientin an acute condition, and how to interpret vital symptoms such asbreathlessness and chest or abdominal pain. There are separate sections on interpretation of investigations,and procedures for managing the emergency. It covers procedures foracute emergencies occurring anywhere - on hospital wards or beyond.The clarity of the text, including simple line illustrations,ensure its tried and tested procedures provide clear, conciseadvice on recognition and management of medical emergencies.


. (Emergency Nurse, 1 March 2011)
"Nevertheless, senior nurses with training responsiblitiies will find this book an invaluable reference source and, on this basis, copies should be kept in emergency departments as well as university and hospital libraries"
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